UT Test Device
UT Test Device

Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a practical and versatile nondestructive testing method that allows for a full volumetric examination of your components. Zetec is one of the world’s premier suppliers of ultrasonic testing inspection technology. When it comes to understanding your UT needs, we’re your trusted advisor. And from instrumentation to probes to software, you can count on us to provide a complete inspection solution that will help you realize a cost savings in the long run.

Inspections can be performed by manually moving a transducer over a component or by connecting it to an encoded scanning mechanism. Zetec can provide complete and integrated solutions for inspections requiring a single channel or multi-channel configurations.

  • Ease of use
  • Greater control
  • Easier maintenance
  • Higher probability of detection (POD)
  • A true partnership with an industry innovator

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Our Top UT Test Device
  • TOPAZ16 Portable value


    TOPAZ16 delivers BIG VALUE in a small size. A best-in-class, 16 channel fully integrated phased array ultrasonic instrument. TOPAZ16 is ideal for most common applications including weld and corrosion inspections.

  • TOPAZ16 Portable value


    TOPAZ32 redefines performance and productivity for a phased array UT device. A fully integrated, complete solution for Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Manufacturing and Transportation segments.

  • TOPAZ64


    Welcome to ultra-intelligent ultrasound. TOPAZ64 is a fully integrated, portable 64 channel Phased Array UT device delivering faster, more reliable inspections. It intelligently combines the power of 64 active



    EMERALD is a compact, phased array ultrasonic system that offers extreme performance. With real-time multi-TFM processing onboard and offline, combined with full matrix capture (FMC) and plane wave imaging (PWI) data acquisition features,



    QuartZ achieves an excellent balance between speed, power and flexibility for the most complex inspection environments and applications. It is optimally designed for Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Transportation and Aerospace markets.



    The DYNARAY® instrument family sets the highest performance standard for phased array UT technology. Delivering unparalleled power and versatility, DYNARAY is optimized for inspections requiring 2D matrix arrays probes, long sound paths,



    Portable and rugged, the high-performance ZIRCON is designed for demanding inspections. Count on ZIRCON to perform in extreme, real-life conditions with no compromise on signal quality. ZIRCON offers a 32/128PR Phased Array configuration

  • Z-Scan UT

    Z-Scan UT

    Zetec’s Z-Scan UT is the system of choice for any Conventional UT inspection application requiring power and portability

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